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Hello, and welcome to the TreeHouse Pottery website!

My name is Bill Moore. My ceramics studio is TreeHouse Pottery, located in Baton Rouge, LA. My work is primarily wheel thrown, although I enjoy slab building as well. I have a custom glaze palette, and my work is fired in an electric kiln at Cone 6-7.

My journey in pottery began in 2016. I  studied with Craig Roth in Brevard, NC, with Sarah Wells Rolland in Asheville, NC, and participated in workshops with Steven Hill in Highlands, NC. I am a member of the Louisiana Crafts Guild. I am a juried vendor in the Baton Rouge Arts Market, and have my pottery displayed for sale in the Louisiana Arts and Sciences Museum here in Baton Rouge, LA.


I am a retired physician, and pottery has opened a new world of creativity which has been deeply satisfying to me. My scientific background has been useful in glaze mixing and problem solving in the process of of making pottery. 


Inspired by my teachers and my research, my aim is to produce beautiful, functional stoneware pottery, with an array of glazes, many of which have an appearance resembling atmospheric effects achieved by gas or wood firing. I never tire of trying to refine my skills and push myself to learn more…I love creating beautiful and unique pottery.